Comprehensive article of Tai Chi Zen and Chi Gong


Tai Chi, Zen and Qigong are combined exercises that complement each other.
 Mental exercises improve the body's function and health because during these exercises, the body's nervous system is activated and they also improve the immune system by stimulating the endocrine system.

Tai Chi exercises are a set of movements and healing techniques of martial arts that combine the vital energy circulation of "chi" breathing and stretching techniques.


Tai Chi exercises include a series of beautiful movements performed with deep and slow diaphragmatic breaths that have physical and psychological social benefits for different populations.
 Chi Kung is a combination of body and mind exercises that include muscle activity and the mind's conscious inner focus on consciousness, breathing and energy.

Chi Kung combines physical, mental and spiritual components to improve physical and mental health, especially stress-related illnesses.  Chi gong is similar to tai chi and includes a series of breathing exercises with body movements and meditation to achieve deep concentration and relaxation.  Simply put, qigong exercises are practiced or used to foster the balance and coordination of vital energy in the human body.

One of the first important exercises in Chi Kung practice is learning the 14 sets of Meridian Flow Qigong channels that allow us to open up 14 Meridians (networks of energy pathways that run through our bodies and connect to our organs) to  Remove any energy blockage. This body prepares the body before performing other Qigong medical kits, such as the Qigong organ and bone.  There are two main ways to run 14 sets of Meridian streams, which are Water and Fire.  It is important to learn how to adjust these two sides.


 Water method
The water method of Qigong training is with smooth, slow and graceful movements.  This is a very calm and meditative act.  The water training method requires a lot of balancing exercises and a smooth method to focus more on inhalation.

The hydration method nourishes our body.  It replenishes the jing and creates storage reserves in the body for later use.  This can improve blood circulation in the body and build inactive muscles.  It is better to practice when you feel tired, and it is great for people who suffer from yin jing deficiency, ie they are chronically tired, have dark circles under the eyes, poor digestion, low resistance to infection, rapid aging and  Wrinkles are on the skin.


 Practice keys:
 When practicing water, imagine that your body is made of water.  Then, your movements will be more natural.  Your body should always be relaxed.  Try to twist as much as possible and then twist.  Practice with your unique rhythm and breathe a steady stream of cycles of movement and breathing.  Never hold your breath.


 Fire method
Fire therapy is a yang practice.  It is very compact and free.  The main emphasis here is on exhalation, when the increase in qi is directed towards the organs.  Sick Q, excess energy or any energy stagnation in the meridians and limbs can be released through this method.

It can be used to warm the body and build fast-twitch muscles.  The best time to practice Qigong fire is when you feel restless, angry or frustrated.


 Practice keys:
 Move will move like fire.  Explode and drop.  Project Qi or fire from the floor and feet and beyond.  You can find a target in front of you and imagine throwing your Qi at it.

 Practice the water method before the fire method

Before you can do the Fire of Training Qigong method, it is important to warm up first.  For this reason, we recommend that you practice the Water Method before starting fiery moves.  This will ensure that your body warms up properly and it is enough to always keep in mind that the Fire method is a more advanced method than the Water method.

Sifu Marami