The Academy Founder


The first rule in martial arts is to respect others, avoid pride and arrogance, and create within yourself an infinite container that holds all the goodness and learning.

If you do not have the courage to fight, never think about Kung Fu.

Be brave, even if you are not brave at heart, pretending to be brave, no one will know the difference.

Mind and muscle are two completely different but interrelated phenomena, the strongest and largest muscles are weak in face of brain, If the mind dominates the muscle, it becomes constructive, but if the muscle dominates the mind, it will be destructive.

Zen means absolute liberation,
That is, the conscious and unconscious cultivation, Beyond any foresight with living with logic and thinking with logic
Zen is not a religion, philosophy, science or psychology, It is the way of salvation and deliverance, Zen means turning a fox into a lion and a millipede into a dragon!
Zen means migrating from the pole of anxiety to the heart of peace, Zen is the only way to achieve peace of mind and the deepest kind of self-confidence.