The Academy Founder


SIFU MARAMI is a master of Chinese Martial Arts and a Specialist in various Martial Arts styles.  He was born on May 5, 1978 in the city of Kerman, Iran. 

He is the first Iranian Hwo takes a hard Course in Chinese kung fu in; 

  • Shaolin Temple North China Henan Province,
  • South China Shaolin Temple in Fujian Province,
  • Wudang Temple of China in Wudang Shan Mountain,
  • Passed and averaged from these documents.

He is also a member of the Shaolin Temple China Duan Association and one of the most famous Martial Arts personalities.

He started his Sporting career in 1990. He has been playing various Martial Arts styles for about 30 years, such as Tai Chi Chuan, Nan Chuan, Chang Chuan, Wudang Kung Fu, Baji Chuan, Khozu Chuan, Bagua Chuan, Kung Fu Wushu, Boxing, Chinese Boxing and he are trained in Self-Defense and also he is specialize in training more than 15 types of Martial Arts Weapons.

Sifu Marami also holds higher education degrees from the Shaolin Temples of China and the Wudang Temple.

Sifu Marami is the only Iranian who has been able to study this different equation as a “Senior Instructor” after passing various training courses and tests in the Shaolin Temple China and is the Official Representative of the Chinese Shaolin Temple in the UAE, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Iran.

Sifu Marami has a degree in Physical Education and also holds a degree in Fitness and Bodybuilding Coaching and a degree in Nutrition from the World Federation of American Bodybuilding (IBBF).

He holds degrees in Sports Law, Sports Management, Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Sports Massage, as well as various unique certifications in Bodybuilding, Nutrition as well.

Sifu Marami started teaching Martial Arts in different cities of Iran in 1998.
  Since 2004, he has coached and trained in the most advanced clubs in the UAE, and since 2016, he has been the head Coach of the Georgian National wushu Team.

Sifu Marami, while holding various training classes, carries out many activities in the production of television programs in the field of Martial Arts training and so on.

According to many studies and experiences Sifu Marami in the field of two specialized and key topics of, Martial Arts and Neuroscience, the idea of   establishing the Sifu Marami Academy, which was built and paid for years in his mind, was sparked in 2008, and according to the prospect of creating a suitable atmosphere for all human‘s of the World have been established and planned through the use of students and techniques of Martial Arts Sciences and Neuroscience, towards the health of soul, Mind and Body and the achievement of success and happiness.
Over the years, all of these experiences, ideas, and thoughts, along with the ideas of other professional consultants, have been written and put into practice.

Sifu Marami Academy is currently in use Well-known medical professors are now becoming a global brand by completing their professional team staff as well as advancing all their programs and goals.

{Chinese title Name.  Liu-Xiao-ho}​​​​​​​