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Sifu Marami Fundamental Training Exercises
Shaolin Wushu: The Basic Skills Training of Shaolin Wushu (3 DVDs) (Audio in “ English, Persian, Russian, Arabic and Simplified English subtitles)
Basic training is essential for both the beginner and seasoned player to the strength, developing , Concepts understand, reflexes, and skills needed to proper implementation of techniques.
In this 3-disc instructional DVD set, Sifu Marami teaches how to train in the basics of Shaolin Wushu.
This teaching material is a very detailed and systemic introduction to Shaolin Wushu techniques and skills, from theory to practice, and from the very simple to rather advanced levels.
Product information
Run Time               1 hour
Nur of discs          3
Actors                     Sifu Marami
Studio                     WAMA Academy
Release date        Feb 17 2014

49.99 $

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