Qi Gong

Qigong is a combine exercises of   mind-body and spirit that improving mental and physical health.
Qigong it means cultivating or strengthening the intrinsic essence and function of the energy system of the human body. The oldest forms of Qigong form the historical roots, theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine.  Many branches of Qigong focus on its medical effects and have been well-proven for over 5,000 years. Qigong is said to allow people to cultivate natural force or energy (Qi) in traditional Chinese medicine,which is associated with physiological functions.
Qi is the conceptual basis of traditional Chinese medicine in acupuncture, herbs and Chinese physiotherapy.  It is a natural resource that preserves human life better and helps to cure diseases, and also has a fundamental impact on all life and even the regular functioning of celestial mechanics and the laws of physics. Chi Kung exercises include a set of methods  Adjustments include physical condition, specific movements, breathing exercises, and meditation, all of which are designed to enhance Qi function (drawing natural forces to optimize and balance energy within) by achieving deep, relaxed concentration.
From the perspective of Western thought and science, Qigong exercises activate their physiological and psychological mechanisms to repair and improve health and affect the balance and flow of energy and strengthen function in the body and mind.  Therefore,Qigong internal exercises are performed in order to improve the enhanced performance of  Qigong internal force, which is very unrestrained.
There are thousands of forms of Qigong forms that have been developed in different parts of China in different historical periods and created by many special teachers and schools. Some of these forms are for the purpose of strengthening public health and some as rituals of spiritual practice.  And others are designed to empower more skills in martial arts.
Qigong is a combination of physical and mental exercises that include muscle activity and conscious mindfulness within consciousness, breathing, and energy.
Chi Kung combines the physical, mental and spiritual components of a person to improve physical and mental health and relieve stress and achieve inner peace.  Chi Gong exercise is similar to tai chi and includes a series of breathing exercises with body movements and meditation, to achieve deep concentration and relaxation. Simply put, Qigong exercises are practiced or used to foster the balance and coordination of vital energy in the human body.
Qigong is a combination of a kind of moving meditation, coordination of slow movements, deep rhythmic breathing and a state of calm meditation.
The simplest definition of Qigong in Shaolin Martial Arts is summed up in these two words: